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Live Like Max

Ally Beaudin participated in the first ever Saginaw Student Heart Screening, hosted by The Dr. Ramesh Kumar Foundation in partnership with the Live Like Max Foundation and Beaumont Health. Ally was diagnosed with Wolff Parkinson White (WPW) Syndrome on a free screening electrocardiogram in part of the screening program. Ally had no concerning symptoms leading up to the screening and was actively participating in high school sports. Her normal high school physical did not pick up this condition, because our current American guidelines do not include EKG screening.

“The money we raise, and the donation you gave, has provided the following:  new clinical bays, new ultrasound machines, new EKG machines & iPads so student screenings can go paperless.” - Lisa Pardington (Max’s Mom and Founder of Live Like Max Foundation)

"I am thankful that the doctors involved in the screening at Heritage High School were able to catch something that had the potential to cause me serious harm.  After an ablation, I am back to normal health and participating in pom pom again. Thank you to all those who dedicated their time to make this event possible." - Ally Beaudin

Live Like Max Dr. Ramesh Kumar Foundation

The Trauma Rescue Initiative

In May of 2018, the Dr. Ramesh Kumar Foundation worked with the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and the Kerala Police to successfully implement and launch the Trauma Rescue Initiative (TRI). The TRI is a life-saving ambulance service network in Thiruvananthapuram.

The funds donated by The Dr. Ramesh Kumar Foundation were used to purchase an Ambulance for the IMA’s . Furthermore, financial assistance from our foundation and the IMA is also used if a patient is unable to pay for the ambulatory services.

This story was covered by the Universal News Network, and you can read more about it’s scope and impact here.

Trauma Rescue Initiative Ambulance Dr. Ramesh Kumar Foundation

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