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2017 Annual Report

↓ Another year for the books ↓

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 September 23, 2017

First Annual Giving on the Green Charity Golf Tournament


The Dr. Ramesh Kumar Foundation is extremely proud of our first annual Giving on the Green Charity Golf Tournament, and we know it will pave the way for future successful events that continue to impact local communities that need it most.

Some highlights:

  • Approximately 400 participants!

  • Raised over $200,000!

  • Funds were donated to four organizations:

    • The Henry Ford Vattikuti Urology Institute

    • CMU Health College of Medicine

    • Great Lakes Bay Health Centers

    • SVSU Foundation

Our sponsors deserve a HUGE thank you for the variety of ways in which you helped not only to raise funds, but to make this event possible.

Sabinsa Corporation Dr. Ramesh Kumar Foundation
  • SABINSA Corporation

  • Association of Kerala Medical Graduates

  • Sound A Sleep

  • Premium Merchant Funding

  • AAPI

  • Dr. Vinod and Dr. Ila Shah

  • Dr. Radhu and Achu Menon

  • George Sutherland

Interested in sponsoring an event and seeing you or your company’s name here? Reach out to us via our contact form!

Giving on the Green Dr. Ramesh Kumar Foundation

 September 28, 2017

AGM Automotive Fundraising Luncheon

AGM Automotive Dr. Ramesh Kumar Foundation

We are grateful to the AGM Automotive company for hosting a luncheon on behalf of the foundation. The Foundation is particularly happy about the speed at which they were able to coordinate and pull off this event and we unreservedly recommend the AGM Automotive company and it’s subsidiaries. Thank you.

Want to host a similar event for the benefit of the Dr. Ramesh Kumar foundation? See the numerous ways that you can take action and help our corner of the world.

AGM Luncheon Dr. Ramesh Kumar Foundation

October 18, 2017

Changing Lives Because You Care Luncheon

Great Lakes Bay Health Centers Dr. Ramesh Kumar Foundation

The Dr. Ramesh Kumar Foundation was recognized for charitable donations by the Great Lakes Bay Health Center at their second annual Changing Lives Because You Care Fundraising Luncheon.

We are thankful to continue to spread the word among like-minded individuals and organizations in the area, promoting Dr. Ramesh’s legacy and memory to build a foundation that will last long into the future.

Want to help out? There are a number of different ways that you can help, whether you have a moment, a minute, or more to give.

Great Lakes Bay Health Centers Dr. Ramesh Kumar Foundation